I can't take this anymore. I've heard enough.

Now get your stuff and take a hike.

I'm not interested in songs, your right or wrong.

Just don't be here when I get back tonight.


Well it really makes me scream when I think how hard I tried,

while every word you uttered was a bold face lie.

But now your time is up.

Pay the cashier while you're saying goodbye



Whatcha tryin' to do? I can make myself blue.

 (Once is enough)

I don't need a hand from you.

You clearly must be out of your mind!


Hope you like the sights. Speaking of sights

 (Once is enough)

I just cleared mine tonight

'Cause baby, nobody I know is that blind!


Now how far'd you think you get? Did you make a bet on just how much you thought I'd buy?

I don't care who else got burned, I just hope they learned as much as I did from you. Goodbye!

Well it chills me to the bone. It gets my jaws so tight.

The way you shined your "halo," like some guiding light.

Now you'd better hit the road. I'm telling you it's not safe here in my sight!




'Cause it really isn't safe

Don't even try

Don't say goodbye

You'd better listen

You'd better run

You'd better go and I mean quick

Really listen

You'd better take this chance and go

Under control

Yeah there's the door

You'd better run

Because I never want to see you anymore



Better Listen

I never want to see your face

It's all a lie

You're out of time

Thought you were slick

You make me sick

You'd better listen

I'm not playin' anymore

While I'm still cool

It isn't safe

You'd better act just like you know

You'd better go

Because I never want to see you anymore



Talk to the hand babe

Ain't with your plan babe

Don't give a damn babe

You've got to get up outta here

Once Is Enough

Words & Music by GT Little, Jr.