She saw the houses and she saw the checks

She saw the sparkling diamonds 'round her girlfriend's necks

And it pressed her so hard (Lord it pressed her so hard)


Then she'd go home and she would see her dump

She'd scream at her husband and then start to jump on how

their lives were so hard

Let's get out of this slum



What's the matter with this place baby

A little muscle and a whole lot of love and it could be alright

At least we should try


What's the matter with this face baby

You know I love you and I'll never desert you, we're gonna be alright

Just give it awhile



She saw the limo and she saw the lights

She saw the party dresses going out in the night

And then she would just cry (Oh my Lord, how she cried)


She saw the money and the pretty cars

Her husband drove up, she thought my God how tired

Why can't we have their style

She just wanted to die



What's the matter with this car baby

It runs just fine, it's paid for, it's yours and mine

and it'll take us both home

Isn't that where we're going


What's the matter with our clothes baby

We're neat and clean and we look just fine in them

Now what else can they do

What's the matter with you

What’s The Matter

Words & Music by GT Little, Jr.



Who are these folks baby

     Who are these people you want to impress

How do you know baby

     How do you know that they're lives aren't a mess

     You're trying to bite off more than you're able to chew


 Look at me stand baby

     Look at me standing here, baby I'm real

You Know I won't hurt, you know

     You know I won't hurt you, you know how I feel

     We'll get where we're going

     There's no reason for you to feel blue



She stopped to listen, it was just in time

She saw her buddies out there really losing their minds when the pendulum turned and they all got burned


Her heart was racing, they all looked so scared

And now they envied every little thing that she had

'Cause what she had was real and, that, nobody could steal



What's the matter with this place baby

She heard her honey's voice speak deep in her soul and felt the warmth of their light

They'd be alright


What's the matter with this heart baby

She knew he loved her and she loved him in turn and their future was bright

Yeah, they'd be just fine