Lady, I know it might sound crazy.

But I had a dream about you, even before my parents made me,

and so later, when I finally arrived, I knew I was meant to be your guy.



Now listen, I've spent my whole life waiting

for the day I'd finally meet you, walk right up and then I'd greet you

with this story.

As fantastic as it seems, I mean every word as honestly as a prayer.



You don't understand what it means to see you standing here.

You can't comprehend how redeemed I am to be this near.

Everyone said I was crazy wasting my imagination on a figment

that would never come along.

But there you are. I'm vindicated.

I was right, so they're negated.

I don't even care if we would never get this on.

Just the concept of you keeps me strong.



Now listen, I've never had a date.

They weren't you, could not relate and I decided I would wait

and seek perfection.

So when you finally arrived, then I could live inside your smile.



So tell me if you think I'm worthy and, if not, it will not hurt me.

For you see I'm most determined that one great day, should you

be inclined to care, then I'll receive whatever you might share.






Listen, you've no need to fear me. I just wanted you to hear me.

See, I've prayed for your existence. You're the payoff for persistence

and I'll do anything you want, even if that means leaving.



Just The Concept Of You (keeps me strong)

Words & Music by GT Little, Jr.