LIFE IN EXILE can be purchased directly from Artist's Concept Records starting October 16, 2006. Don't miss your opportunity to celebrate life and music with this first run collector's edition from a new label. Order here !

Oct. 2006  New Release from Artist Concept Records


From Jazz to R&B to Rock, the long awaited GT Little, Jr. CD release, LIFE IN EXILE, delivers on all points. Refusing to be typecast into any specific genre, the composer takes you on a musical sojourn from the darkness of peer pressure and rejection to the lightness of self release in 15 songs.

LIFE IN EXILE begins with an artist so isolated from any desired interaction with others, that his own thoughts turn on him as he tries to make music with no other resources but himself (Inexplicable Fire). From there he explores all types of music and the scenarios one is apt to encounter in those real world experiences. Ultimately, he reaches the conclusion that his voice is just as valid as any of the so called "cool" people and determines to create what he can under his own banner (Life In Exile). Along the way there is some seriously soul stirring music to be found for true music devotee.